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Barley Grass Powder 200g

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Barley Grass
The purest, 100% whole-leaf grass powder. Additives, binders and bulking agents not included.




The Real Thing cereal grass supplements are additive-free. Plus, no bulking agents, chemicals and preservatives means you get even more easily absorbed nutrients and antioxidants like chlorophyll.


What else?

They’re made from the whole grass plant. So these wholesome whole-leaf powders contain the wheat and barley grass’ juicy nutrients along with its insoluble fibre. That’s why they’re more affordable, and ideal for people with gastrointestinal conditions or those who need a high-fibre diet.


The Real Thing Wheat and Barley Grass are 33 times more concentrated than the plants themselves. You’d need 7kg of grass to get the nutrients found in just one can. The choice is yours.

WHEAT GRASS OR BARLEY GRASS: What's the difference?

It’s like comparing apples with apples. Or maybe a red apple with a green one. As you look from the can of Wheat Grass to the can of Barley, you’re probably asking yourself which is better, or at least which is better for you

- The short answer: it doesn’t matter..
- The other short answer: it’s totally up to you.
- The slightly longer answer: Our Wheat Grass and Barley Grass Powders are very similar in purity, quality, nutritional status and fibre content. The only real difference is in the taste – some prefer Wheat Grass and others Barley. It’s like some people prefer red apples and others green. They’re both apples. Like our grasses are both The Real Thing.


We keep it real by keeping things simple. That means we leave out more than we put in. Simply put, our grasses are...

- Free of all additives, binding and bulking agents, including maltodextrin, binders, fillers, preservatives, colourants and flavourants.


Remember that Barley Grass Powder and Wheat Grass Powder are grasses, therefore natural seasonal variation exists and may differ in colour, taste and odour from batch to batch.


Use 1 tablespoon (about 10 g) of powder. Blend with water, fruit juices or smoothies. Use once or twice a day.


Some out-of-the-bottle serving ideas: 

Eat. Drink. And be healthy.

  • Blend it. Add one teaspoon of any of The Real Thing grass powders to yoghurt, your choice of fruit and honey in a blender. Blend. Drink. Repeat if desired.
  • Spread it. Stir 1 teaspoon of powder into a cup of low-fat, smooth cottage cheese. Season with a little garlic and salt, then spread onto crackers, bread or any sandwich.
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